Every Active corporate trade transaction is made possible by our trading relationships—1,500 of them—with a wide range of business service providers.

First, we invest.

Our business to business trading relationships begin as we seek out opportunities to invest in or purchase the services of media companies, freight and logistics providers, hotel/meeting facilities and other providers. Our corporate trade investments help our partners meet or reduce their operating expenses.

Then, we trade.

In exchange for our investments, these business service companies give Active the right to “pay differently” for future purchases. In other words, we can buy their services on behalf of our clients using trade credits as partial payment.

A vast marketplace of essential business services.

Active has long-standing trading relationships with more than 1,500 providers of top-flight media, travel and hospitality, retail marketing and freight and logistics services. This means that as an Active client, you’ll have:

  • Access to the highest quality services that your business needs to operate
  • An unparalleled quantity of business service resources to choose from, so you can retire (spend) your trade credits as quickly as possible.

A dedicated, experienced trading group sets Active apart.

More than 500 experienced professionals comprise Actives domestic and international teams. Their mission: Lead the corporate trade industry in delivering best-in-class service and measurable results.

Strong trading relationships are at the heart of that mission. Our team members possess broad experience in not only barter/trade, but also financial services, advertising and media, marketing and sales. This experience guides their understanding of our clients’ challenges and helps them to deliver the most relevant trading solutions. As a global organization, we have trading relationships in 14 countries around the world, which means that if you need to use your trade credits globally, we have the process in place to make that a seamless experience.