Get the full attention you deserve.

Your Active International Client Development team is a diverse group of professionals with a broad background of agency, client, finance and marketing experience.

Your account director, reporting to an Active managing director, has specific responsibility for your experience as an Active client. That means:

  • Nurturing our relationship
  • Integrating your processes with ours
  • Creating value-driven programs
  • Achieving successful, measurable outcomes
  • Helping you get the most from your corporate trade program

To make it all happen (and deliver maximum value), Active’s account directors go all-in to understand your business while sharing their deep knowledge of our trading options with you. They’re your number-one corporate trade information source and your communication channel to the rest of your Active team.

Let’s work together.

Your account director coordinates all aspects of your corporate trade program, from process to communication to execution. Our goal is to best serve your needs. But to accomplish that goal, everyone needs a seat at the table—client, agency and Active.

We believe in an “inclusionary” approach that gives everyone a vested stake in a successful outcome. Together, we clearly define roles and responsibilities, establish communication channels, set expectations and agree to processes.

After almost 30 years and trusted partnerships with clients in almost every business category, we’ve found that this is the most flexible, easy and effective way to run corporate barter programs that deliver the best results to our clients.