There’s value to be found in every facet of your business.

At Active International, we believe that almost any business, in any business climate, can find and maximize that value through corporate trade.

There’s tangible value in your excess inventory, unused real estate, idle capital equipment, sponsorship contracts and other assets. Choose corporate trade over liquidation, and your returns will typically equal a multiple of your assets’ fair market value.

Reduce your cash outlays.

The value of your assets—in the form of trade credits—can reduce the cash costs of goods and services your business needs. Spend your trade credits on desirable ad space, retail marketing programs, meeting and event facilities, freight and logistics and more.

Extend your marketing or retail reach.

Corporate Trade delivers a premium for your assets that can't be achieved through liquidation. You can use that additional value to help you stay on budget when costs are rising or fund “wish list” initiatives beyond the scope of your budget .

Break into new markets.

Through corporate trade arrangements, you can develop new channels for your goods and services and develop new business relationships.

Integrate into your business plan (not a “plan B”)

Many Fortune 1000 companies believe corporate trade arrangements is a vital component of their business plan. Corporate trade helps them to run lean, respond to opportunities, manage risk and boost profitability.