No matter how successful your business may be, chances are you have valuable assets on your books that aren’t giving you their full value.

Businesses usually liquidate or write off these assets, taking the loss and moving on. But your assets may be more valuable than you think.

Through corporate trade (also known as corporate barter) with Active International, you can feel confident that you’re getting maximum value for those assets and improving business performance. Corporate trade can integrate seamlessly into your management strategy and supply chain, helping you manage risk and reduce costs for the operating and business services you need to run and grow your organization.

Depending on your needs, corporate trade offers long-term strategic and short-term tactical business benefits.

Corporate trade is a smart way to meet your business goals. By trading your obsolete inventories and unused assets for trade credits, you can purchase vital goods and services without adding financial strain to your bottom-line.

It’s important to know how to account for barter and trade credits. We’ll show you the guidelines. Then you determine how they fit into your business.

Using corporate trade, marketers can extend their reach by funding new projects or reducing costs on existing programs.

At Active, we can offer ways to strengthen the value you deliver to your clients by finding funding for new programs.