Association of National Advertisers

Bill Duggan, Group EVP

“Corporate trade / barter is a tool marketers should consider. It provides the opportunity to 'trade' surplus or unwanted assets for media and other goods/services. In today’s economic environment, corporate trade can stretch budgets and enhance marketing ROI. It’s a valuable resource for brands.”

BYB Brands, Inc.

Erin Kelly, VP Marketing and New Business Development

“BYB Brands, Inc. is a small brand development company that experiences hits and misses as far as successful brand launches. The misses are so much easier to deal with because of Active International. Their team is invaluable in helping us manage close-dated or discontinued product, making what you think would be a time-consuming and tedious process quick, easy and painless. Also, we could not be more pleased with the breadth of ways in which to use our credits, and we’ve significantly benefited from their media buying services, which feels like our own in-house media department. Everyone at Active International feels like an extension of our small team and like true partners…no small feat for a big company!”

Elkay Manufacturing Company

Carol Kozola, Sr. Executive Assistant & Travel Administrator

“Our experience working with Active International during the last couple of years has been extremely beneficial. Prior to working with their Travel department, we would independently reach out to properties when planning a meeting or an event, and negotiate directly to secure the best rates and concessions as possible. By going through Active, we still negotiate directly but are able to apply trade credits to pay for a portion of the meeting, bringing additional savings to our company. It’s worked so well that we’ve made it part of our internal process to try to utilize trade credits at a property in their portfolio before we look at other properties for our meetings and events. Active has provided amazing service and the people I work with are outstanding. I would highly recommend Active International to other organizations.”

IMAN Cosmetics

Desiree Reid, GM/Sr. VP Brand Development

“During the past few years Active has become a real partner to IMAN Cosmetics. They understand our brand inside and out and the team is always bringing new ideas to the table. Together we’ve launched a variety of digital, mobile, social media and retail marketing programs. They make us feel important and we just keep adding more services because it works so well.”

Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Ken Mastrandrea, Chief Operating Officer

“Active International presents an innovative tool for the hospitality industry. Throughout our seven year relationship, they’ve demonstrated how their trading model can support the revenue goals of Preferred Hotel Group and our member hotels. With a proven dedication to superior service, Active’s key qualities complement Preferred Hotel Group’s values, and we are pleased to have them as a Preferred Alliance Partner.”

Premiere Meeting Destinations

Carolyn Jacobson, CMP

“As a meeting and event management company, we’re dedicated to delivering value to our clients. Active partnered with us to create a simple and seamless process, allowing our mutual client to realize significant savings by utilizing their trade credit when booking group meetings and events at properties in the Active portfolio. We maintained complete control in negotiating rates, concessions and contracts directly with the hotel, and our client received the financial benefit.”

ServPro Industries, Inc.

R.H. Forster, VP/CFO

“When I received a call from Active and they wanted to discuss buying some retired property at full value with something called trade credits, I didn’t give it much thought and agreed to a meeting. When they presented the model and I finally grasped its benefits, I was in. Part of my internal process was getting buy-in from upper management, who initially felt, ‘if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.’ However, after completing our due diligence which included checking references, visiting the corporate office and working with our advertising agency to insure the trade credits could be used with our advertising plan, we did the deal. It took a short period for Active’s buyers and our agency to click, but now everything works smoothly. Active has always acted in a professional manner and been very accommodating. Our deal to exchange trade credits for property has been very beneficial for our company.”

Sharp Electronics

Teresa Siebert, Associate Director, Marketing Communications

“For the past five years I’ve worked with Active’s Retail Marketing team for sourcing and procuring retail fixtures supporting Sharp AQUOS LED TVs as well as our appliance products. Active has been a great partner. They’ve introduced us to some best-in-class suppliers and the fact that we’ve been able to apply trade has allowed Sharp to save considerable dollars while working with premium suppliers. I view Active as an extended part of the team.”