Case Study: Optimal value, right next door

Excess Inventory Optimized through Corporate Trade

The client’s challenge

A major home and building supply retailer was in possession of several real estate parcels adjacent to existing stores.  These parcels had been on the market for several years with market values below their book values. They represented a significant liability for the retailer.

The Active International answer

Active purchased the entire portfolio of properties, paying a premium to market value and assuming all financial obligations and operating covenants and restrictions with potential tenants and buyers. In exchange, the retailer placed their media through the Active media team receiving the exact same media placement their media plan specified.

The results

  • Liability lifted: Active relieved the retailer of its burdensome real estate liabilities.
  • Market value exceeded: The marketplace couldn’t deliver adequate value for the portfolio, but Active did far better, paying a significant premium above market value.
  • Competitive sphere protected: As a condition of the transaction, the retailer retained development approval over the properties, assuring that competing businesses didn’t set up shop next door.
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