Capitalize on this year’s holiday season by clearing out what’s “not” and making room for what’s “hot.”

An alternative to liquidation and deep discounting

Our trading model delivers above market value for almost any type of retail inventory, whether it’s overstocks, returns, discontinued items or simply unsold goods.  As an alternative to liquidation and deep discounting,  Active can provide a solution for retailers facing mounting inventory levels as the holiday season begins.

Retail Expertise

Active has experience across almost every industry in retail. Whether it’s big box, specialty, high-end fashion or accessories, we offer a comprehensive menu of services to meet retailers’ needs. 

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Benefits of Our Trading Model

Our model delivers an array of benefits, the most common of which include:

  • Realizing better return on surplus assets vs. liquidation
  • Reducing cash outlay to purchase goods & service
  • Maximizing retail marketing efficiencies
  • Funding incremental spending
  • Increasing supply chain & logistics efficiencies

We can help by giving you more value for your inventory.

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