Planning a group meeting?

There’s no additional cost, commission or fees for you or your client to use Active Travel.

Our leadership in corporate trade stems in part from our ability to provide event planners a portfolio of hotel and resorts that they can pay for, in part, with trade credits. These savings can extend your budget or reduce cash outlays.

Groups of 10 or More?

Coordinating a group of 10 or more with Active Travel Services is a simple four-step process:

  1. You select a potential property from Active’s hotel portfolio, then send Active the RFP or call us with the opportunity.
  2. Active confirms that your client is eligible at this property for trade credit savings
  3. Once approved, you work directly with the property, including negotiating room rates, space, contracts, etc.
  4. At time of contract, Active applies trade credits to fund a portion of your costs.

More help for your travel staff, online or at their desks

Working with Active Travel Services is as easy as using one of the top travel sites:

  • Access our online portal to conveniently search our properties.
  • Browse our colorful online Travel Portfolio to see photos and detailed descriptions of our available properties.
  • Download our Travel Portfolio, print it and take it anywhere.