When it comes to funding sponsorships, the money’s already in your media budget.

Active’s Capital Sponsorship model provides capital at no cost. No matter what part of the sponsorship cycle you’re in, our model can fund it:

  • Upfront sponsorship funding at no cost
  • Future planned media buying at no fee

It’s A Straightforward Exchange

Active provides capital to bridge your sponsorship budget gaps. In exchange, you simply place portions of your planned media buy through Active. Nothing changes about your Agency relationship. We don’t charge fees, and we only execute buys for the media you seek and agree to.

We have trading relationships with thousands of media vendors across all media types enabling us to achieve your media benchmarks and recoup our capital outlay – everybody wins.

A Seamless Process with Your Team

Our media buying team works directly with you and your media agency. We analyze your media plan, identify where we have cost-leveraged buying positions and execute only the media that meet your exact specifications and benchmark pricing.

We offer our clients the following services and expertise: