When you engage with Active International, you instantly gain a business advantage:

You can use Active trade credits to offset the cash costs of your media plan.

You can also use them to explore new media opportunities that may have been unfunded.

How we create media value

Since our founding in 1984, Active International has remained an independent corporate trade firm, with the freedom to negotiate media contracts with the interests of our clients top-of-mind. As a result, an engagement with Active opens up opportunities for optimizing assets and budgets.

We've spent the last three decades establishing and nurturing media relationships. To put Active’s media leadership into perspective, the value of our corporate trade contracts exceeds that of all other trading companies combined.

National Television

  • Trading relationships with major broadcast television, cable, syndication and satellite providers
  • Expertise in more than 40 business verticals
  • All value-added elements, including multi-platform and sponsorship opportunities

National Radio

  • Relationships with every major national radio provider
  • All available audio platforms including terrestrial radio, digital audio (web/mobile platforms), station streaming, satellite radio, national and local traffic sponsorships, and in-store radio
  • All added-value and promotional opportunities

Local Television

  • Marketplace experience in over 200 DMAs/MSAs
  • Spot TV, spot radio, local digital and local cable
  • A flexible team, experienced in complex buys, specific flights, retail, 52-week advertisers, quarterly plans and short flight assignments

Online Video

  • True extension of broadcast medium
  • OCR/XOCR placements


  • All facets of digital marketing including: online display, direct response, streaming, SEO/SEM, mobile across tablets
  • Planning and buying capabilities
  • Ad serving
  • Analytics


  • Full management through development of all social touch points
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Blogger outreach and sampling


  • 95% of the top 500 consumer magazines as well as all major newspapers, FSIs, co-op providers and solo insert companies
  • Syndicated research that ensures targeted delivery


  • Bulletins, wallscapes, mall media, airports, posters, cinema advertising, transit, street furniture, place-based digital and other non-traditional/emerging OOH channels
  • OAAA membership and adherence to TAB guidelines

Direct Response

  • DRTV buying expertise with a successful track record of managing traditional and hybrid/GRP-driven DR campaigns
  • Rigorous campaign management and ongoing buy optimization
  • Relationships in the DRTV marketplace to facilitate trade credit usage towards DR media placement


  • Marketing-based insights and media strategy
  • Media-agnostic communication planning
  • Integration with digital, retail marketing, experiential and PR

Research & Reporting Tools

  • Stewardship, reporting and tracking of media buys
  • Customized reports to meet client/agency needs
  • A full menu of syndicated sources for each medium