With Active, you have access to more of what your business needs to succeed.

Media. Retail Marketing. Travel & Hospitality. Freight & Logistics. Lighting.

In fact, we have more high-quality trade-based product offerings (and more expertise to make trade easier) than any other firm in the corporate trade industry.

The benefit of corporate bartering for your business is simple: Choices, choices, choices. And with such a vast range of available choices, your business can spend its trade credits (and your finance department can move them off your balance sheet) much, much faster.

Media has always been our passion. From traditional broadcast, print and out-of-home to today’s digital frontier, Active has the inventory and the relationships that enable you to “pay differently” for much, if not all, of your planned media.

Involved Media provides advertisers and agencies with the ability to plan, execute and optimize cross-screen programmatic and social media campaigns.

Our dedicated retail marketing team understands that consumers are the lifeblood of your business. Working with Active, you can create total shopper experiences that attract, convert and retain consumers.

Nothing replaces the quality of face-to-face interactions, but the cost of travel and meetings is significant. Our Travel Services department offers a wide range of properties for individual and corporate travel, as well as events, that will help you reduce costs while never skimping on quality and amenities.

Rely on Active for a comprehensive supply chain consulting, transportation management, over-the-road trucking, intermodal services, maritime carriage, warehousing/distribution and reverse logistics.

Illumination and display advertising are advancing in a greener, lower-cost direction. Through corporate trade, you can connect with 21st-century lighting technology.