As the global leader in our industry, we understand the complex challenges facing manufacturers and retailers.

Whether you need an immediate or long-term solution, we've successfully helped retailers and manufacturers maximize the value of their excess inventory.

With more than 30 years' experience, we understand that each category has unique needs. Here are just some of the surplus inventory problems we’ve solved for our Fortune 1000 clients:

  • Supply Chain Backlog
  • Seasonal Products
  • Stock Lifts
  • Short-Coded Product
  • Customer Returns / Refurbs
  • Over-Production
  • SKU Reductions
  • End-of-Life / Obsolete
  • Sunset & Discontinued Brands
  • Excess Materials / Ingredients 
  • Defective or Odd-Sized Lots
  • Refurbished Products
  • Packaging Changes
  • Damaged Packaging
  • Unbranded Products
  • Slow-Moving Branded Products
  • Close-outs / Discontinued Products
  • Unfinished Products
  • And more

To learn more, view our Success Stories to see how we’ve helped our clients or contact us today to learn how Active can improve the return on your surplus inventory.