Active international can claim many distinctions in the corporate trade field. None, however, is more valuable to our clients and trading partners than the deep experience of our employees. 

Drawing from a diversity of professional backgrounds, they’ve spent decades forming relationships and establishing best practices that enable Active to fulfill its mission of creating value with every trade.

Dominic Bencivenga
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Dominic Bencivenga
Chief Sales Officer, Worldwide Travel

Dominic is responsible for Active Travel’s sales activities. Prior to joining Active in 2001, he held senior level positions including Regional Vice President for Liberty Travel, Senior Vice President, Sales for Direct Travel and President of Fugazy International, formerly two of the largest travel management companies in the country and, COO for The World Key Agency Group.

Dominic has over 40 years’ experience in the travel industry and has served as a member of the Leisure Travel Advisory Boards for both Starwood Hotels and Wyndham Hotels. He’s been a frequent panelist at many conferences sponsored by travel-related companies.