Active international can claim many distinctions in the corporate trade field. None, however, is more valuable to our clients and trading partners than the deep experience of our employees. 

Drawing from a diversity of professional backgrounds, they’ve spent decades forming relationships and establishing best practices that enable Active to fulfill its mission of creating value with every trade.

Anat Gilad
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Anat Gilad
EVP, Retail and Shopper Marketing

Anat is responsible for developing end-to-end retail marketing programs, expanding retail marketing products and services, and establishing trading partnerships with the vendors. Since joining the company in 2003, she has grown the department into a cutting edge shopper marketing practice.

Prior to joining Active, Anat worked in production, procurement, and sales at Display Technologies and was made Sales Manager in 1999. Her experience includes brand product launches, retail execution, and managing the merchandising supply chain for consumer packaged goods companies.