Yes, you come to work to earn a living.

But you want more from the time you spend at work. Personal and professional growth matters to you, and it matters just as much to Active.

We like to recognize and celebrate successes both small and large. It creates a positive, supporting and encouraging work environment, and it helps motivate employees to reach for the next level. And we offer everyone training opportunities that can lead to career advancement.

3-Point Thank You

Recognizing the importance of peer-to-peer recognition, this program helps employees say “thank you” to colleagues. A special 3-Point Thank You note card is a quick and effective way to acknowledge the performance of a co-worker, anywhere in the company, at any level.

Employee Anniversaries

We owe no small part of our success to the longevity and experience of our workers, and believe that milestone anniversaries deserve special notice. The Active International Employee Anniversary Program commemorates one, five, ten, 15, 20 and 25 years of service with a departmental recognition and a personalized gift.

Management Awards

Through our Management Awards Program, managers can recognize and reward contributions that go above and beyond the normal expectations of an employee’s role and responsibilities. A range of available awards lets managers show appreciation to their teams.


Without question, managers play critical roles in employee success and satisfaction. That’s why all Active managers participate in our Managerial Skills Development Program (MSDP). This comprehensive program is designed to help our managers increase their effectiveness, ensure higher levels of employee engagement, and maximize employee performance.

For non-managers, a version of the program is available to help employees be more effective in their current departments and roles, as well as to prepare for future advancement within the company.

Other training opportunities are available within individual departments (e.g., the Buyer’s Training Program in the Media Department) or on a case-by-case basis with an employee and manager working toward a common goal.