Community Is Part of the Culture

Stu Raskin, Senior Vice President, Finance

How long have you been at Active?

I’ve been at Active since 1999. I started as a Senior Accountant focused on taxation and consolidation, then became responsible for treasury functions. Over the years, my scope of responsibility in each of these areas has grown significantly. Now I’m SVP of Corporate Finance.

Describe your career path.

I spent three years at PwC and from there 17 years on Wall Street as Controller of a foreign currency broker. I decided to switch gears and come to Active because I found the business model to be really interesting from an accounting point of view.

Work/life balance is a challenge for everyone. What does Active do to help you maintain yours?

This is an environment where I, or anyone else for that matter, can have a conversation with the CFO or CEO. That just doesn’t happen on Wall Street and is a breath of fresh air. On top of that, the business model is really pretty cool.

Why should someone want to work at Active?

One of the big surprises to me was how much the company is involved in the community. And not just at the corporate sponsorship level. I’m involved with a number of local organizations, including People to People and Clarkstown Central School District, and the fact that the company really supports those activities is very important to me. To work for a company that thrives in its community and values that investment is pretty special.