Lots of Opportunities for Growth

Melissa Moschetti, Local Media Supervisor

How long have you been at Active?

I started at Active in 2006 as a Media Assistant, helping the buyers place local media buys.

Describe your career path.

I’ve had a lot of success at Active. I started right out of college and within a year of joining the company I was promoted to Media Coordinator, working on some of Active’s large accounts. I was then promoted to Associate Account Director, where I went through a media buyer training program and began to manage my own accounts. After three years with the company, I was promoted to Account Director and now am a Local Media Supervisor.

Work/life balance is a challenge for everyone. What does Active do to help you maintain yours?

I wanted to learn about additional marketing strategies and mediums so that I would have a broader perspective of business and the media industry. One of our accounts is based in Florida and I was offered the opportunity to be part of the team. I commute to Florida every two weeks to be onsite to gain an understanding of the client objectives and how we can tie the marketing campaigns back into sales and growth for the client. Active has been supportive in this initiative through technology, flexible hours and management support.

Why should someone want to work at Active?

Active offers really good opportunities to grow professionally. There is support from management to grow within the company and you can be afforded that opportunity based on what you put into it. Additionally, Active’s business model of corporate trade isn’t just about placing advertising. It’s about solving problems for clients and at Active, there’s more than one way to come up with a solution.