The company really supports its’ employees

Lis Gessel, Merchandise Sales

How long have you been at Active?

I started at Active as a teenager in 1995. My mother worked at Active and when the company said it needed some help, I started coming after school. I worked part-time in Accounts Receivables and then began working full time in the summer.

Describe your career path over the past 18 years.

After working at Active for two years, I left to join the army.  After completing boot camp, I was a reservist and I worked in the travel department as an administrative assistant. From there I moved into the Merchandise Sales department, which is the department that’s responsible for reselling the inventories and assets we buy from our clients, and was promoted to Logistics Coordinator.

Work/life balance is a challenge for everyone. What does Active do to help you maintain yours?

After 9/11, I was activated and deployed to Iraq, where I served a tour of duty. I came back and was promoted to Logistics Manager, and most recently to Merchandise Sales Associate. Not only did Active have a job for me, they gave me two months to transition back into civilian life. That flexibility made a difference in helping me get ready to go back to work.

Why should someone want to work at Active?

There are lots of benefits to working here. There’s clearly opportunity for career growth, and through the tuition reimbursement program, I’ll be completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I’m already thinking about going for my Masters.