I created my job

Eric Mollo, Associate Account Director

How long have you been at Active?

I started at Active in 2007. It was my first position after college and I came in as a Real Estate Assistant. I learned about how we help our clients with their corporate real estate challenges and how our trading model works.

Describe your career path.

While I was in the real estate department, I realized I could contribute more to the company and wanted to do something that took advantage of my skills. With my manager’s support, I was able to create a new role for myself, Business Analyst. In this role, I engaged with our sales and client development teams to identify more strategic ways we could go to market. From there I was promoted to Client Development Coordinator and most recently, Associate Account Director.

Work/life balance is a challenge for everyone. What does Active do to help you maintain yours?

Everyone here is pretty down to earth. If you have an idea you’re encouraged to share it. Plus, I met my fiancée here, so that tells you a bit about the people here.

Why should someone want to work at Active?

In my role, I'm tasked with ensuring that the client experience aligns with and exceeds their expectations. No client deserves complacency, which motivates me to bring my “A” game every day. The ability to brainstorm, develop and implement creative solutions with colleagues and clients alike is what makes it fun to come to work.