The company really supports its employees.

“After 9/11, I was activated and deployed to Iraq, where I served a tour of duty. Not only did Active have a job for me when I came back, they gave me time to transition back into civilian life. That flexibility made a difference in helping me get ready to go back to work.”

I created my own job.

“While I was in the Real Estate department, I realized I could contribute more to the company and wanted to do something that took advantage of my skills. With my manager’s support, I was able to create a new role for myself. Since then I’ve been promoted twice.”

Lots of opportunities for growth

“I’ve had a lot of success at Active. I started right out of college and since then have been promoted several times. Active offers really good opportunities to grow professionally.”

Not the same old business culture

“I was in the ad agency business for 20 years and worked with Active from that side, so I had an up-close view on how barter worked. If you’re tired of the same old business culture, Active can fix that. These are some of the most fun, agile minds I’ve worked with.”

Active helped me study in Paris.

“When I was getting my graduate degree, my school had a one-month study program in Paris. Active worked with me and my schedule to allow me to participate in this program.”

Community is part of the culture.

“One of the big surprises to me was how much the company is involved in the community. To work for a company that thrives in its community and values that investment is pretty special.”