Active Cares - acting on our responsibilities

It’s a privilege to be the biggest and best in the corporate trade industry.

And we believe, without hesitation, that our leadership position comes with significant responsibilities. To our clients and corporate trade partners, to our employees and to our community.

There’s a big world outside of the workplace, and our employees and business partners are concerned about making it a better place. That’s why we founded Active Cares in 1997.

Through charitable contributions and volunteer service initiatives, Active Cares gives support to activities and organizations that are important to our employees, clients and vendors. Over more than 15 years, that support has reached more than 600 separate local, regional and national organizations.

Grass roots support

Active Cares keeps it doors open to organizations in need of support. If any employee is involved in a charity or recognized non-profit, he or she may request that we become involved in that organization. We’re proud to share our employees’ commitments to improving life in our communities and our world.

Active Cares provides support to 501(c)(3) organizations helping those in need. Last year, we created the Active Cares fund, under the umbrella of the Rockland Community Foundation. This allows us to provide support directly to individuals who may have had a devastating illness, lost their homes to fire, flooding or storms, or may have suffered some other catastrophic event.