Active International is the global leader in corporate trade.

For more than 30 years, our trading model has helped hundreds of brands realize maximum value for their excess assets in exchange for a commitment to purchase a future planned operating expense through us.

Our 500+ business professionals are focused solely on trade and on delivering the best quality products, service, resources and solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals. While media is our most often purchased trading product, Active has the broadest range of categories in the industry to which our clients can apply trade value. At any given time, Active has thousands of contracts with partners across an array of categories that address our clients’ daily business operating needs – from media and social strategy/execution to retail marketing services, travel lodging and hospitality and freight/logistics.

Corporate trade has become an increasingly important tool in the client, agency and media marketplace. We see major brands becoming more interested in incorporating trade into their business strategies as they seek ways to avoid losses, generate savings, create funding and improve their balance sheets.

Annually, Active creates millions of dollars in cash savings for our clients by allowing them to apply the value they receive for their assets towards the purchase of valuable services. Isn’t it time to explore corporate trade?